Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dickinson and Themes of Drowning in Lesbian Culture

Remember P. J. Harvey's song -
I lost my heart
Under the bridge...
That blue eyed girl...
Became blue eyed whore...
Down by the water...
Won't see her again...
I had to lose her...

To do her harm...
I heard her holler...
I heard her moan...

 Little fish. big fish. Swimming in the water.
Come back here, man. gimme my daughter.

Or Eurythmics' Jennifer:

Jennifer with your orange hair,
Jennifer with your green eyes,
Jennifer in your dress of deepest purple,
Jennifer, where are you tonight?
Underneath the water. Underneath the water. Underneath the water.

And who remembers an case back in the 80's when a lesbian drowned her lover on a bathtub?

Back to a cheery note: Herein is another of poems from Emily Dickinson's letters to Susan Gilbert.


You must let me
go first, Sue, because
I live in the Sea
always and know
the Road --
I would have drowned
twice to save you sinking, dear,
If I could only
have covered your
Eyes so you would'nt
have seen the Water--

1876 or so

Susan--I dreamed
of you, last
night, and send
a Carnation to
indorse it--
Sister of Ophir --
Ah Peru --
Subtle the Sum
That purchase
you --

My girlfriend and I are waxing sensuously tantric with a hint of longing for a nebulous, heterosexual carnality. We are watching old movies, hug, take a scented bath and worship Dickinson. We will post soon.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Emily Dickinson Letter June 11 of 1852

Herein below is another of Emily Dickinson's letters to Susan Gilbert. I emphasized admirable words, or words that now, to me a college publications editor, would be a tongue-in-cheek explicitly Sapphic implorations.

The Letter of June 11, 1852

I have but one thought, Susie, this afternoon of June, and that of you, and I have one prayer, only; dear Susie, that is for you. That you and I in hand as we e'en do in heart, might ramble away as children, among the woods and fields, and forget these many years, and these sorrowing cares, and each become a child again -- I would it were so, Susie, and when I look around me and find myself alone, I sigh for you again; little sigh, and vain sigh, which will not bring you home.

I need you more and more, and the great world grows wider, and dear ones fewer and fewer, every day that you stay away -- I miss my biggest heart; my own goes wandering round, and calls for Susie -- Friends are too dear to sunder, Oh they are far too few, and how soon they will go away where you and I cannot find them, don't let us forget these things, for their remembrance now will save us many an anguish when it is too late to love them! Susie, forgive me Darling, for every word I say -- my heart is full of you, none other than you is in my thoughts, yet when I seek to say to you something not for the world, words fail me. If you were here -- and Oh that you were, my Susie, we need not talk at all, our eyes would whisper for us, and your hand fast in mine, we would not ask for language -- I try to bring you nearer, I chase the weeks away till they are quite departed, and fancy you have come, and I am on my way through the green lane to meet you, and my heart goes scampering so, that I have much ado to bring it back again, and learn it to be patient, till that dear Susie comes. Three weeks -- they can't last always, for surely they must go with their little brothers and sisters to their long home in the west!

I shall grow more and more impatient until that dear day comes, for till now, I have only mourned for you; now I begin to hope for you.

Dear Susie, I have tried hard to think what you would love, of something I might send you -- I at last say my little Violets, they begged me to let them go, so here they are -- and with them as Instructor, a bit of knightly grass, who also begged the favor to accompany them -- they are but small, Susie, and I fear not fragrant now, but they will speak to you of warm hearts at home, and of something faithful which "never slumbers nor sleeps" -- Keep them 'neath your pillow, Susie, they will make you dream of blue-skies, and home, and the "blessed contrie"! You and I will have an hour with "Edward" and "Ellen Middleton", sometime when you get home -- we must find out if some things contained therein are true, and if they are, what you and me are coming to!

Now, farewell, Susie, and Vinnie sends her love, and mother her's, and I add a kiss, shyly, lest there is somebody there! Don't let them see, will you Susie?

Emilie --

Why can't I be the delegate to the great Whig Convention? -- don't I know all about Daniel Webster, and the Tariff, and the Law? Then, Susie I could see you, during a pause in the session -- but I don't like this country at all, and I shan't stay here any longer! "Delenda est" America, Massachusetts and all!

open me carefully

My girlfriend and I are waxing romantic. We are watching old movies, hug, make out and read Dickinson's poetry.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

CIA and the IBT Committee, A Sapphic Review

As I found on after watching the movie together with my MILF-like flame Janet, it turns out that some of the best talents working in lesbian movie industry today got together in a room and produced this Itty Bitty Titty Committee. I have as good a sense of humor as the next lipstick lesbian, but it leads me to believe that somebody in the studio thought it was far funnier than it actually is. For those of you who don't know, Itty Bitty Titty Committee (IBTC) is the first feature film produced by the organization known as PowerUP.

The film has some excellent street fabula, my college professor girlfriend says. The group is CIA (C[litori] in Action). The plan is chaotic and is carried off with gusto by the cast who seem to cozy up to their roles as the film goes on, I, as an editor say.

The love story is romantically nurturing, though the ending is utterly ridiculous, with some laughs sprinkled in for entertainment. The visual feel echoes Down and Out with the Dolls. The plot is cartoonish just as But I'm a Cheerleader was but without the uniqueness, and we're reminded quite gleefully often that reality has no place in a milf-wannabe lesbian world. The slapstick comedy prevents us from really taking the lesbian agenda that seriously.
The love story was supposed to be the highlight of the film, but the bland sex scenes will probably award the film at least an R-rating, if not NC-17 in the States, which may prevent many young tender Sapphic vestals from seeing it at all. The acting is of that "I'm in an independent-film and I have an ego trip" kind we're all familiar with, which is makes the crossover potential to touch zero.

I suspect this is a film best enjoyed in groups where the laughter may become infectious. Without giving too much of the ending away, I also truly believe the lesbian community deserved more from PowerUP than a film which is essentially the world's longest lingam joke.

Janet and I curled up Sapphically on my couch and we watched The Hunger, again.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to Be Mrs. Humbert Humbert and Love It

Be it Dreamhost or the Dream Weaver song, I had both in mind when my Macworld almost crashed on me because my girlfriend sent me over 30 raw photos fresh from her camera, as attachments. I usually zip them. "Alan November," she kept saying for some reason. I went out to the Twelve Palms Mall and decided to also get string bikinis for myself and our intimate weekend that is coming up."Laure Manaudou, Ron Paul, Mark Driscoll," kept popping up on my mobile's RSS reader. The last thing Janet wants me to be is Britney Spears, so I opted out of Victoria's Secret and headed to get my favorite, Escada. My Facebook account is dormant, so is MySpace. I feel luxuriantly more mature and lipstick-lesbian than their populations.

I have not finished musing over the allure of the fishnet hosiery. I think it is the minimalistic nature of the fishnet that is confining, defining, and directing the lusting' observer's eyes into predefined openings. A sort of forced voyeurism. I am Janet's Sapphic Humbert Humbert.

Escada will look great on me, accentuating my hourglass, gym-conditioned Rubensian voluptuousness - no excess fat spoiling the calf lines, no cottage-cheese-looking cellulite upsetting girlfriends' expectation of my hips, when all of the above are intertwined in Kadie Lang-made-shameless wrestling match, when all of the above is embracing a slightly anorexic siren who dazzles heterosexuals with her flouncy Fifth Avenue skirts. I understand the fapping loners staying up late night watching blue video snippets, wherein the camera captures, from a longitudinal point of view, a siren like me, wrapping her legs around an impatient lover, the legs bent at the ankle, resulting in accentuating the calf look, the hips' feminine indescribable softness,  the unearthly lines of the pelvis-to-the-bosom line. That is me in everyone's clip. I love it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The LLL Word

And Janet, the Midwest's exponent of grace and intellect, where is she now?
She is, according to my latest iPhone communication, shopping for a slingshot bikini, as I found out by an incredible coincidence of having worked on the same workstation, where I always try to police my cookies.

Last time we were consummating our Sapphic attraction for each other we have briefly touched on the topic of the bed death in
the World of L Word. I said that there seems to be a cornucopial excitement among us, since, just like in the straight world, the aesthetic factor provided by a pair of elegant thigh highs is a hands-down winner. We the Sapphic sirens are still the same women that our found in man-woman relationships, we innately draw on the simplest electricity sparked by lingerie that makes men drool.

She asked me, broaching the issue, if I like to dress up. I said, "in bed or out?" Sure, in bed I like to dress up, and watch the prettiest scenes from the "Hunger." Call it the LL L word, for the Lingerie Lipstick.

If I was the Playboy's centerfold, which I may have been had I thought of that when I was about 10 years younger, I would have written in the turn-offs category: politics, women with pierced lips, and tattoos.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The L Word To Chopin, Monks and Sappho

And what about the incredible, edible elegance of a Sapphic maiden's leg, clothed in finest of French lace, weave around my Northern cowgirl's  milk-and-peaches complexion! I don't mind if you call me the super-lipstick L word, but a luxurious Sunday lunch at a restored railroad station, watching suburban trains whizz by, sharing soft glances, neither anticipating nor indifferent - all this is just a lead-in to a night on white satin, tumble in intimate silks, intertwining in a balmy bath of perfectly perfumed suds...
Janet is a perfect 10, a social studies professor, but not a militant. She enjoys a quiet night watching the stars on my patio while listening to Jo Jackson. Unforgettable, those platonic, Sapphic nights. They are beyond the need for political statements, feminist agenda, Equal Rights Amendment. They are beyond the need for obscene policy statements screamed by hi-cut, brusque and pierced matrons on the Diag.
She told me all about her husband, and that made me feel a sort of an odd mastermind of a peaceful plan that includes her husband as a cuckold, had I been a man, she would be thought of as an adulteress. I find myself as a gourmet huntress of MILF's . Back to movie reviews, my eunuch-like monk friend and his violin repair shop, back to the philharmonic and Shostakovitch, Chopin and Mozart. That is too much.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Using stereotypes to exploit stereotypes, writer and director Maria Maggenti earns points about male vs. female roles and sensual expectations, but succeeds in extending comic episodes of cable TV's The L Word as her PUCCINI FOR BEGINNERS.

Unlike the libidinously superficial romantic triads of Kissing Jessica Stein and the British Imagine Me & You, a lesbian's perspective is at the center here. The alluring Elizabeth Reaser stars as relationship-o-phobic Allegra, on the rebound from Samantha (Julianne Nicholson) and now in love with both a straight man Philip (Justin Kirk), who shares her love for opera, and a dazzling straight woman, Gretchen Mol's Grace. The element that is expected to make this movie a contemporary homage to classic screwball comedies, hinted at by Allegra's fondness for such films as Holiday, is that Philip and Grace are former lovers. This crucial coincidence is introduced in a confrontation during the prologue, with the rest of the film resigned to be a flashback with routine Carrie Bradshaw-like narration as well as the droll touches of passers-by commenting on Allegra's convoluted liaisons.

Though the men glimpsed in the background seem to be stuck babbling in a frat house, Philip is a carnally cool intellectual, but his proficiency in Kant is used tritely for too many puns and raise off-the-screen questions such as how does someone become an assistant professor in the philosophy department at Columbia without a PhD? Allegra's friends are icons and cartoonish characters such as a laughless feminist editor, a lipstick lesbian, and a supportive, lusciously straight woman. Mol's sensuous Doris Day appeal worked well in The Notorious Bettie Page, but here the only way her cloying, naive nagging could be a believable as an investment banker is through futures trading in in pork bellies.

Written & Directed by: Maria Maggenti.
Produced by: Eden H. Wurmfeld, Gary Winick & Jake Abraham.
Director of Photography: Mauricio Rubinstein.
Edited by: Susan Graef.
Music: Terry Dame.
Released by: Strand Releasing.
Country of Origin: USA. 81 min. Not Rated.
With: Elizabeth Reaser, Justin Kirk, Gretchen Mol, Jennifer Dundas, Julianne Nicholson andlesb Tina Benko.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sapphic Erotica

Once a reader wrote to us saying that Sapphic Erotica is the "finest lesbian gourmet site on the web." Upon revisiting this orchid, you couldn't agree more. Sapphic now has over 100 hours of downloadable videos of yoni-savoring excitement as well as thousands of pictures, most of which are exclusive to this site.

This fine dish of cheesecake serves up over 500 of the alluring freshman girls munching away with many exclusive and original scenes. These babes make up for inexperience with enthusiasm, and the action is genuine down to great passionate kissing. There are no scenarios or intros and many of the girls are probably TOEFL graduates or may not even speak English other than "yes" and "more." Some of the sets feature 4 or even 6 young models at a time such as the very hot blonde-blonde brunette-brunette yoni feast featuring Zafira Jackie Rene and Paulina, who are all fingers and tongues. Visitors especially enjoy the face-sitting and gluteal-playing adventures of adorable Avril and Lux.

The site mechanics and organization are somewhat clunky, but the indexing is good, with plenty of caps and thumbs. The newer movies are crystal clear in 960x540 resolution and most can be downloaded in one click. Videos come in either Windows Media or Quicktime, with some as large as 300mb for a half hour of spanking fun. The photo galleries really sparkle in both quantity and quality offering 1024x768 sized pictures with thumbs and zip downloads. Not all content here is exclusive and there are some extra filler sets mixed in here for value.

To summarize: there are no lingams to ruin this pure yoni palace that is Sapphic Erotica. It is a sincere and commendable effort that has ripened into a fresh piece of yoni liturgy.

Have fun,-


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Raven's Site

Raven has wild pink hair, a 36 DDD chest, an insatiable desire for black tools, and a husband who likes to watch, photograph and join in the fun!

Over 250 downloadable videos featuring cutesy couple Rick and Raven swinging exploits will keep your hard drive, and your tool, fat and happy, with nonstop interracial action. Raven's got some very kinky tastes beyond dark meat, which include seed drinking, gluteal licking, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, anal, DPs, footjobs, and lots of hot friends (they, thankfully, do not have crazy pink hair) in straight, group, and lesbian scenes, and loads of lingerie. Raven's also into fantasy scenarios (Secretary, Babysitter, Maid, Nun, etc.) which up the entertainment value of these highly strokeable genre movies.

Most of the videos are ten to twenty minutes long and download in one click, and in multiple formats, although older movies are chopped into many segments. Unfortunately, there is really no way to preview the videos before downloading. There are also numerous still galleries, but these are difficult navigate through. A better player/viewer for the stills, would help considerably. While downloading was fast and easy, we were prompted to enter our user id and password whenever streaming. The couple's videos are for sale, and there are upsells for cam shows, friend sites, and pov movies throughout the site, detracting from the overall experience.  

Numerous extras include full access to three other premium sites from these same producers: Feet n Heels, Use My Wife (interracial BDSM), and Jen Stefani (yes, she looks like the famous singer). There are also more pedestrian extras, some stories, as well as familiar feeds from Candid Cams, which add next to nothing to the overall value of the membership. Still, Raven is a unique, energetic and kinky performer with busty good looks, sure to please fans of hardcore interracial genre.