Thursday, January 17, 2008

CIA and the IBT Committee, A Sapphic Review

As I found on after watching the movie together with my MILF-like flame Janet, it turns out that some of the best talents working in lesbian movie industry today got together in a room and produced this Itty Bitty Titty Committee. I have as good a sense of humor as the next lipstick lesbian, but it leads me to believe that somebody in the studio thought it was far funnier than it actually is. For those of you who don't know, Itty Bitty Titty Committee (IBTC) is the first feature film produced by the organization known as PowerUP.

The film has some excellent street fabula, my college professor girlfriend says. The group is CIA (C[litori] in Action). The plan is chaotic and is carried off with gusto by the cast who seem to cozy up to their roles as the film goes on, I, as an editor say.

The love story is romantically nurturing, though the ending is utterly ridiculous, with some laughs sprinkled in for entertainment. The visual feel echoes Down and Out with the Dolls. The plot is cartoonish just as But I'm a Cheerleader was but without the uniqueness, and we're reminded quite gleefully often that reality has no place in a milf-wannabe lesbian world. The slapstick comedy prevents us from really taking the lesbian agenda that seriously.
The love story was supposed to be the highlight of the film, but the bland sex scenes will probably award the film at least an R-rating, if not NC-17 in the States, which may prevent many young tender Sapphic vestals from seeing it at all. The acting is of that "I'm in an independent-film and I have an ego trip" kind we're all familiar with, which is makes the crossover potential to touch zero.

I suspect this is a film best enjoyed in groups where the laughter may become infectious. Without giving too much of the ending away, I also truly believe the lesbian community deserved more from PowerUP than a film which is essentially the world's longest lingam joke.

Janet and I curled up Sapphically on my couch and we watched The Hunger, again.

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