Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dickinson and Themes of Drowning in Lesbian Culture

Remember P. J. Harvey's song -
I lost my heart
Under the bridge...
That blue eyed girl...
Became blue eyed whore...
Down by the water...
Won't see her again...
I had to lose her...

To do her harm...
I heard her holler...
I heard her moan...

 Little fish. big fish. Swimming in the water.
Come back here, man. gimme my daughter.

Or Eurythmics' Jennifer:

Jennifer with your orange hair,
Jennifer with your green eyes,
Jennifer in your dress of deepest purple,
Jennifer, where are you tonight?
Underneath the water. Underneath the water. Underneath the water.

And who remembers an case back in the 80's when a lesbian drowned her lover on a bathtub?

Back to a cheery note: Herein is another of poems from Emily Dickinson's letters to Susan Gilbert.


You must let me
go first, Sue, because
I live in the Sea
always and know
the Road --
I would have drowned
twice to save you sinking, dear,
If I could only
have covered your
Eyes so you would'nt
have seen the Water--

1876 or so

Susan--I dreamed
of you, last
night, and send
a Carnation to
indorse it--
Sister of Ophir --
Ah Peru --
Subtle the Sum
That purchase
you --

My girlfriend and I are waxing sensuously tantric with a hint of longing for a nebulous, heterosexual carnality. We are watching old movies, hug, take a scented bath and worship Dickinson. We will post soon.

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