Monday, January 14, 2008

The LLL Word

And Janet, the Midwest's exponent of grace and intellect, where is she now?
She is, according to my latest iPhone communication, shopping for a slingshot bikini, as I found out by an incredible coincidence of having worked on the same workstation, where I always try to police my cookies.

Last time we were consummating our Sapphic attraction for each other we have briefly touched on the topic of the bed death in
the World of L Word. I said that there seems to be a cornucopial excitement among us, since, just like in the straight world, the aesthetic factor provided by a pair of elegant thigh highs is a hands-down winner. We the Sapphic sirens are still the same women that our found in man-woman relationships, we innately draw on the simplest electricity sparked by lingerie that makes men drool.

She asked me, broaching the issue, if I like to dress up. I said, "in bed or out?" Sure, in bed I like to dress up, and watch the prettiest scenes from the "Hunger." Call it the LL L word, for the Lingerie Lipstick.

If I was the Playboy's centerfold, which I may have been had I thought of that when I was about 10 years younger, I would have written in the turn-offs category: politics, women with pierced lips, and tattoos.

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