Monday, April 7, 2008

Lesbian Recruiters

Janet and I were talking to our friends at a Madison Avenue talent agency when someone called and, by coincidence, informed us that the agency is a leading lesbian recruiter in town. I Googled them. The result was laughable, and a welcome search hit for me and Janet: Lesbian Recruiters is also a funny, engaging and delicious site. A sexy premise: young, lithesome girls that are coaxed into lesbian sex for the very first time by a sensuous MILF-type lipstick lesbian. There are some quick learners of things Sapphic. There are dildo riding bi-maidens and angel-bow lips open to inhale as much of MILF's husband appendage past their tonsils as they can. Pretty faces and even prettier bodies made our lesbian dreams come true.

I wish they had more of the real lipstick lesbian action, high heels and fishnet and all.

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