Tuesday, April 15, 2008

on aesthetics of Brian Ferry, Tori Amos, and K. D. Lang

What is orgasm? What is happiness?

They fuse into one unashamed hedonism when I hear the ABC's When Smokey Sings. Beyond their crafty use of Tears of The Clown's chords, it is the silkiness of their tune which bows down directly to the silkiness of Smokey Robinson's voice.

The Orgasm Of Well-Being is even more pronounced when caused by Brian Ferry's More Than This. Did he achieve it through endless studio sessions? Or did he have a shvoong, or that inspiration which comes spontaneously from the inner spiritual perception of nirvana that makes writers and musicians produce masterpieces. I can identify More Than This from its first three notes.

and thinking associatively, the stare reminds me of the chain recollections: K. D. Lang - Tori Amos.

This is pure lipstick deliciousness: in an interview by Joe Jackson as it appeared in Hot Press (Feb 23, 1994), on similarities between Tori Amos and Kate Bush:

"her oragnic style of self-expression can be
traced back through the post-punk rage of Patti Smith, and the similarly
"disturbed" songpoetry of Dory Previn to the kind of demons that
drove Sylvia Plath to her death...."

"Has Tori ever considered having a lesbian relationship?
"I have a dear friend who's not diesel but she's definitely dyke
and I feel like we are very good friends and I know her girlfriend and

"And she said to me recently 'the dykes know that you love to
suck cock but that you also see the beauty in women and can sit and talk
with us about the idea of giving head to another woman and caring about
that. And she said 'the best thing is that there is no judgment with
you." And there isn't. But I have never given head to a woman and I
don't really feel the need to. I like to feel myself feeling myself, which
I sing about in Icicle, but I don't have to have whatever chemistry is
needed to be attracted to women that way.

"Having said that, when k.d. Lang looked at me over her glasses one
time I almost crawled into her arms. But I did wonder if I was a bit of
a sex object for her. though wanting to crawl into her arms in the same
as wanting to give her head, is it?!"


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