Sunday, April 13, 2008

Results of my tantra vacation, sort of

Besides tons of photographs, the number one fruit of my working Tantra vacation is the extension of the Lesbian Kama Sutra book. They really went retro-creative on the book titles. For example, under Tribad sex there is English Breakfast, Venus to Venus, Best Buddies, Ride, The Canter, Backside Venus, Tandem Yab Yab.

Tactile Sex chapters are ("Erotic touch using every aspect of hands and fingers, caressing, stroking, fondling massaging") Yab Yab,
Yab Yum, Yum Yum, Up your's Baby, Molding Kiss.
Oral Sex is less Tibetan-Himalayan: ("Sex using every aspect of the mouth") Mole-Muff Diving, Anilingus, Taktilingus, Kissing, More Kissing.

There is the Applied Sex section - "Sex with appliances such as sex toys, dildos, fruit and vegetables." Hot stuff, Veg Out, Servant, Little Millie. Auto Sex is "Sex involving self-pleasuring, self-exploration and masturbation" - Eyes wide shut, Hello Fanny, how do you do?, and Love Gazing

That's some surprise! And that is after spending months in the place that looks like this?

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