Saturday, April 12, 2008

Slightly LUG/BUGgish

Our weekend is going just swimmingly. We dropped by Janet's office and did some paperwork reorganizing, since I am a perfectionist and have been invited to organize CEO's offices and library nooks.At the rate the things are going, we might be ending up on beer kegs soon.

I have discovered a shop that carries all kinds of fishnets. Fencenet, that's what I really like, enrages Janet. I wear it to bed. I have sex in it. This is the kind I have:

One of my friends who's still in college called me a full-time heterosexual, but she was deeply mistaken, (and creamy-delicious), since I style myself as a slightly passive, LUG/BUG-like non-political lipstick Sappho romantic. Isn't that a mouthful? Depends what's in the mouth. No need for a drum roll, I am not trying to be cocky. It's the alcohol working, and Janet's well-crafted manicure teasing my cleavage.

Here's how it looks, described poetically by a gal calling herself EIleen Bangkoksky:

Feeling and Felt

Her hair shone, unlike any hair I had ever seen leaving me,
with a feeling unlike any i had ever felt.
She knew, I guess, that she had me from that
first night, over the green fabric her blues met my
cat like gaze and I fell, so deep that I felt I was
falling into the felt of that table as the balls made their
way to the holes,
THWACK, went
my heart and she was the cue
The tinkle of your ice in that glass and I knew you
a Bacardi Breezer kind of girl, I laughed
Hardly a drink for a woman like you,
you chuckled then I had you and we moved
around the floor to Joan
Melissa, you cried out
That's not my name, I cried back,
play me some
and then I was yours until the morning when
the paper arrived on your door step
and as I passed it I saw it was
the National Inquirer and my
heart skipped like a stone
back home my lady love

I found it at Biva

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