Monday, April 14, 2008

Three Graces and Kim Novak

Janet upbraids me for the incompleteness of the last post. Though of course it cannot be but incomplete -- there should be thousands of items there, how can I even begin to do justice to the images when so much emotions lurked behind the scenes?

But to pacify my dear Janet, here are four more items.

First, there is the Festival. In honor of the birthday of Sapphos of Lesbos, the famous Greek lyric poetess, September 7 has been chosen as the date for the first Sapphic Erotica Festival. I have contributed to the content on several websites, but it cannot be pasted here. Instead, I shall describe the objects of admiration that is the essence of my writing.

This drawing is so classically curvaceous - no need for more pounds. The 3 Graces were the ultimate sugar lesbians. That is how I like my Janet. The fullness of the thighs is just right to beg the comfort of graceful stockings. The unearthly perfection of calves and ankles beckon the touch of her trembling maiden-in-waiting. The hourglass figure is a inexhaustible supply of sweet silkiness for her lady's hungry lips.

What else is left? Kim. The unforgettable Kim. I rest in comfort knowing that I have enjoyed the creamy cleavage in a way no man has even imagined.

Kim Novak. Kim No Va. Kim Shall Not Go Any Further Beyond The Abode of My Endless Love.

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