Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Waxing sensuously literary

I have been ghostwriting for several lesbian sites, still the same fare as my day job at a magazine. As a result, I cannot shake off the sensitivity to the themes of lesbia, water and tantra prevalent in the lesbian imagery.

I don't have to admit - I love wearing my Escada dress with thigh highs, sometimes fencenets. I love quiet evenings with Janet, sipping champagne, enjoying the buildup to the bubbling Jacuzzi. I love reading Marylin Hacker. I love heterosexual MILF erotica. I even love the Mandingo phenomenon. Not that I wish I was Mandingo - I can imagine myself the wife of a plantation owner. I am contemplating voting for Obama, but am still vacillating. I love Russian women, who are lucky for being naturally hairless in all the erotic places - their Venusian mounds, the heavenly-crafted legs, the balsamic armpits, and milk-and-peach arms.

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