Sunday, May 4, 2008

Olessia and the teddybear

This swan has long been my benchmark of graceful innocence, which, for long time, has not been matched by anything human. I am still searching for a good picture of figure skating,and the search is biased, I admit, since skating is so suggestive of a sport. I will post on figure skating eventually.

In my never-ending quest for beauty, I have stumbled on the following images which portray a hands-down, most innocently delicious perfection of female body. Don't they project effortlessly the adorable, pure affection?

(see Olessia at Lipstick)

On another site I found a siren who has a perfect face. Judging from the web site, she is Russian, and a s a Russian woman she is probably blessed with hair-free legs and armpits, and delicate, downy hair in the most sacred of our locations. And that is from my personal experience, Oh, how lucky is a sister that has spent a night intertwined with the impeccable femininity of a Russian Venus!

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